5 Things You have to know about Nokia 6 Mobile

Nokia 6 mobie

Nokia used to be the mobile industry’s godfather. But when it was sold to Microsoft everything has changed. And now again it is coming back with a bang which is giving a shock to so many mobile companies. Nokia 6 is on the way to catch up everyone’s attention. Nokia 6 has so many best features that now an “Apple iPhone” 6 also hasn’t. Because it has adopted too many technologies now everybody using and more over it stays on his own brand mark of strongness. Here are the 5 things you have to know about the Nokia 6 mobile which is running in everybody’s mind.

1.The 1st thing about Nokia 6 is its release:

Nokia 6 was launched in January 2017 but not all over the world only in some countries. It has launched in China first. When the news went to the people about its launching 1 million registrations are done by china people in JD website. Its cost in china is CNY 1,699. Everybody is talking about its strongness till now. So many of countries still waiting for its release.

2.The 2nd thing is its Operating System:

Everybody know about Nokia’s Symbian OS but when it sold to Microsoft it has changed to Windows and now it is time for Nokia to update its own methods with present technology. So Nokia is ready to get OS Android 7.0 Nutella. Nokia 6 is suitable for the update of Android OS. So Open your windows and get Nokia Android’s Wind into your hand.

3.The 3rd thing is its battery

We all knew that the battery capacity of Nokia, we have to say that Nokia’s battery is the giant battery. Once we put charging it was coming over 5 to 7 days. Now it may not have happened with Nokia 6 because it is providing 3000mAh battery like every mobile is providing. So sorry to say it may not be the Golden Nokia anymore.

4.The 4th thing is its Processor

The processor is the heart of the phone. Nokia 6 is coming up with the best processor in the industry. Nokia 6 is having 1.1GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor. According to ATT, it is the best processor till now. So let’s cheer up Nokia by its initiation towards new technology.

5.The last and final thing is its Storage

Nowadays so many mobile phones are having best storage so according to the time Nokia also coming with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage capacity and expandable microSD of 128GB.

This is what we have to know about Nokia 6 specifications and its release. So be ready to take the Nokia 6 in your hands.