How to earn Money from YouTube

How to earn Money from YouTube
How to earn Money from YouTube

Hi, TechnixX viewers. Till now we got the information about How to get 10K views in One day on YouTube and Thumbnail and it’s used on Youtube. Now I am going to discuss How to get money from YouTube. It is very simple thing to earn money from YouTube if we know the process. Come on let’s go for the process here.

Making Money from YouTube is a very simple process when we have a video content. From starting I am going to tell you one thing. That, You have to partner with YouTube for earn money.

YouTube Partner Program

After Becoming YouTube Partner just go and upload your video content to the channel that you got.

How to upload video on YouTube Channel

After uploading video just the thing you have to do is enabling the monetization

How to monetize videos on YouTube

This monetization process has some rules just read here:

  • Your channel must have good community guidelines
  • No copyright content
  • Channel views must reach 10,000 ( Read: 10K views in One day)
  • You have to open an AdSense account to get the money.

You can enable monetization by going Creator studio> Channel>  monetization> enable>Apply For Monetization > Start >Signup for AdSense

How to approve Adsense for YouTube

Once you signed up for Adsense then you got the right to earn money from youtube.

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