Get 1 Lakh Rupees Just By Referring Skrilo App


Hi, Earners. I think you are enjoying the offers providing by me. Paytm is giving more offers just go and get a good deal with it.

Today I am giving you one app which is very realistic refer and earn process and giving so much money by it.

That is the Skrilo App.

Open Play Store get the app by clicking here:


  1. Download and install Skrilo App
  2. Register with Facebook or email.
  3. Open the account.
  4. You will get 6 options there 1.+chances // 2.Prizes //  3.Saved Offers //  4.Flash Deals // 5.Settings // 6.Help
  5. Click on +Chances and Register View on the product and get 2 chances of winning some money through Skrilo

Here are the Proofs of earning

Proofs skrilo lakh

Proofs skrilo

How To Use Skrilo APP?

  • SKRILO +CHANCES offers you FREE CHANCES (think “FREE TICKETS”) that you can collect to participate in the Skrilo LUCKY DRAW.  You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY Skrilo anything at all!  PLEASE NOTE: There is NO GUARANTEED WIN in the Lucky draw. So participate only if you think there is zero financial downside and maybe good upside while you experience awesome deals, content and brand campaigns.
  • You will receive 10 to 12 deals/promotions during the day typically between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • A deal, content or promotion you view is an opportunity to collect Chance(s) or Ticket(s) towards Skrilo Pool Wins. Every time you collect a chance/ticket you are automatically entered into the daily and weekly draw. You do not have to do anything else. No betting, No payment, and No purchase are necessary.
  • There are two types of Rewards in the Skrilo pool: (i) Free Prize Lucky Draw and (ii) Leaderboard Awards. While both can be won with the chances you collect, there are clear differences. (see section below on Lucky Draw Awards and Leaderboard Awards).
  • Pool winner selections happen at the end of each day (midnight). A bigger bonanza happens at the end of each week on Saturday midnight (winner picks start at 00:00:01 am on Sunday). The Winning selection process continues till all the winners for the Pools are selected.
  • Each app user is offered an equal opportunity to collect their chances. However, your usage and views decide how many chances you actually have and your odds of winning.
  • Chances offered to you for collection expire every 24 hours. So if you receive a notification at 11:00 am today. the opportunity to collect that chance will expire at 11:00 am the following day. DO NOT miss out and collect the chances by viewing our sponsor campaigns in time. This helps you in improving your odds of winning.
  • When a notification is sent and you view/engage with a campaign on the same day (that is before midnight) you get to collect 2 chances towards the Free Prize Draw. However, if you do so after midnight but before the chance expires in 24 hours, you will collect 1 chance for the same.
  • You can earn more chances for the daily and weekly draw if you complete your profile.
  • You can earn more chances when you Connect with Facebook.
  • For every friend that registers on Skrilo app with your invite, you will get 2 more campaign views to collect additional lucky draw chances. Remember to grab them, as the opportunity expires within 24 hours.
  • If you use a friend’s Invite Link to install and register with the app, you earn 10 extra chances to get started.

Refer to friends and get more +Chances Daily

Skrilo’s very first consumer reward program started with one simple thought.

If one uses a slice of the marketing budgets of brands / businesses and distributes it equally among all the individuals it is trying to get to, every body will get close to nothing. Small rewards. Peanuts. It’s simple Math.

However, if this was distributed through a fair, random selection process to lucky winners, each winner can take a large sum home.

This way, Skrilo can meaningfully impact lives of families, one step at a time. What’s cooler, is that it will take no investment and no wager from its users participating in such a possibility.

With this novel concept, which also happens to be “a global first”  in the world of mobile advertising and marketing, we took our first steps forward.