Thumbnail and how it is useful for your video views

What is a thumbnail and how it is useful for your video views
What is a thumbnail and how it is useful for your video views

Hi everyone, I came here with new knowledge on youtube for you people. Actually, all of you know about featured image I think so. The image which describes best about the post you are writing in your blog. It is like a cover of a book which will describe the book in a single image. Just like that way in YouTube we have a thumbnail. Thumbnail is the one very useful for Vloggers. Come and join with me for Vlogging. Today I am discussing What is a thumbnail and How it is useful for your video views.

Thumbnail Creation Process Step By Step:

Thumbnail, a clean image to describe the video. The thumbnail making is a very easy process but before that, we have to think about what thumbnail you have to design I mean video category/Niche basis. Because the thumbnail is considered to be the answer for the visitor so go with best thumbnails. Thumbnail creation is a very simple process if you know the photoshop. Or else YouTube will take the default thumbnail from your Video which is better to look but not to describe your video. So it is better to be a custom thumbnail than default one.\

Thumbnail Views Generation:

According to science what people see is most remembered than what they listen. So simply go on with the creation of the effective way of using thumbnail and effective way of making a thumbnail.

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