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How to host a domain in server | Web hosting process steps

Hi TechnixX viewers. In last article I wrote about How to register a domain for website. Now I am here to discuss about hosting that domain into server. How to host a website and web hosting process steps here.

First of all that doubt you will get is ” My domain is not in online still now?? What happened” .. Like this so many will feel. But the main reason behind that is we haven’t hosted our site just we bought a name for that.

What is this web hosting?? I think you got this doubt, so in simple way Hosting is nothing but a place where our domain can keep and a place where our data will store is server , that server is doing hosting of or site means storing all details and maintaining all the data base.

Host a domain into server we need to process these web hosting steps:

  • Find the name servers which is there for the servers and copy them
  • Then go to domain name provider and go to the place where the DNS(domain name servers) available.
  • Then remove all those dns from domain and paste the Name Servers that we have copied from sever details.
  • After that you can simply go to software installer box and choose the software which you want and click on install.
  • For example go to Software installer and choose WORDPRESS. Then click on install. You can find a form which consists all the details that to fill about website. Fill them out clearly and go to install. With in 0-24 hours your site will be in online.

Soon we will give all the videos of the domain registration and how to do web hosting for it from the every Hosting sellers and domain sellers..



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